Jeremy Lin is… The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man is from NY…the Knicks are from NY. Peter Parker used to be a low key smart guy…Jeremy Lin used to be a low key smart guy (he went to Harvard, after all). Making the decision to turn Jeremy Lin into the Amazing Spider-Man was a rather easy one.

This is the first of my, “NBA Superheroes” series. As it stands right now, these are the images you can look forward to in the near future:

Superman – Dwight Howard

Batman – Kobe Bryant

Robin – Pau Gasol

The Incredible Hulk – Andrew Bynum

Wolverine – Kevin Love

Thor – Blake Griffin

Mr. Fantastic – Kevin Durant

Johnny Storm – Russell Westbrook

The Thing – Serge Ibaka

Iron Man – LeBron James

War Machine – Dwyane Wade

Captain America  – Stephen Curry

Captain Spain – Ricky Rubio

The Flash – John Wall

Plastic Man – JaVale McGee

Green Lantern – Paul Pierce

Cyclops – Greg Monroe


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